Where is your starting line?

I didn’t always love to work out. In fact, until I turned 50, I was an on-again, off-again exerciser and even then, I didn’t start in earnest until I turned 40. That was due in part to trying to get rid of baby fat that was hanging on for two years and a mid-life crisis.

For a long time, I didn’t  make exercise a priority. I was busy with a toddler and a school-aged child, going to school and working part time.

When I turned 50, I began to notice how poorly most people my parents’ generation were aging. It wasn’t because they didn’t have the resources, time, money or energy. They had all those. But I saw my mother drink and smoke and die of cancer and my in-laws’ health slowly deteriorate over the years, mainly from lack of exercise, even the most simplest of walks.

I saw all that and decided I was going to do things differently. It’s been almost six years since I made that decision. Life is a journey, they say, and so is the path to fitness. My path hasn’t always been smooth but it has been exciting and I love how I feel stronger every day.

Where and how did you start on your path to fitness? Are you just starting out or have you been doing this awhile?

Share your story with the rest of us or just leave a comment.

Stay strong.


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