Feel the Fear

Feel the fear…and do it anyway.

That’s the title of a self-help book I read many years ago. In it, Susan Jeffers provides a practical guide on self-empowerment, helping readers turn fear and indecision into action.

While I barely recall the details of it, I do remember the impression it made on me. I was a young woman at the time, in my late teens and early 20s. I was full of self-doubt, anger and angst. I hated having to make decisions, fearing that whatever I decided would be wrong.

Of course, I didn’t immediately turn my life around. But I did start taking steps in a different direction, one that led me to a new way of thinking about life and where I was going with mine.

In fact, the book helped me make the decision to join the Navy, which led to my meeting my husband. He encouraged me to get a college degree and that has led to many job and writing opportunities.

We fear many things – changes, success, failure. In fact fear of change is probably one of the biggest fears people have, which subsequently keeps them stuck in their lives, afraid to move in any direction, like a deer in the headlights.

What does this have to do with fitness?

Fear can keep us from reaching for our goals, stretching ourselves – literally and figuratively. We can overcome our fears of a challenge by reaching out for support from more experienced folks.

Sometimes, we just have to acknowledge our fear and do whatever it is we’re resisting.

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