3 Rut-breaking Strategies

Are you in a rut?

It’s easy to get into a habit of running the same neighborhood route, especially if we have very busy lives. Running the same route can put us on autopilot, which can be either good or bad.

Good, because we can zone out and meditate or go over our to-do lists in our heads. Bad because if we’re on autopilot, we’re not focusing, we’re not pushing ourselves.

Here are three ways you can break out of your routine, kick-start your training and challenge yourself. Bonus – the higher-intensity workout will burn some extra calories.


Head out to your local school track and alternate sprints and recovery laps.

How to do it – Run 800 meters (2 laps around a track), then follow it with an easy lap. Repeat the process two or three more times.


Swedish for “speed play,” this is similar to intervals except you don’t need to be on a track.

How to do it – Warm up in an easy run for about 5 minutes, then pick out a landmark to run full-speed toward – a tree, church, etc. After you’ve reached that point, slow down while you recover, then pick another landmark to run toward. Repeat.

Hill runs

Hills are great for improving your speed on a flat course as well as strengthening the larger leg muscles.

How to do it – Find a steep hill, then run up it. Jog down. Repeat 9 more times.

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