My One-year Crossfit Anniversary

It’s been a year since I joined a CrossFit “box” and I can definitely see results, not just physically but emotionally as well.

I’d been doing a boot camp class for about seven years until August 2013 but was getting bored. Even though I put 100% effort into my workouts, I was looking for a way to kick them up a notch. I’d heard about CrossFit and had happened upon a website called SealFit, which I was following. Then I heard that a box had opened in town – in fact, it was just down the street from me – but was never able to check them out due to my work schedule.

Finally, I was able to connect with the coaches and sign up. If I hadn’t been in a boot camp class for six or seven years before then, I’m not sure I would have stuck with it. Even with my boot camp experience, my stamina wasn’t all that great. I look back – even to the early days of boot camp – and can see how far I’ve come.

Seven years ago, I was doing pushups on my knees with my hands on dumb bells because my wrists hurt. Today, I’m better at pushups but still have to drop to my knees sometimes. They are tough! Probably one of my least favorite exercises (all the more reason to do them!)

Looking back on the log I’ve kept since I started CrossFit, I can see improvements in everything, some bigger than others. I’ve learned to not mind wall balls and have worked up to a 14# wall ball, consistently hitting an 8’ mark. My front squat has gone from 55# to 85#, a PR in July. My deadlift is 90# (probably could have pushed it up another 5# during the most recent WOD).

The most exciting PR so far is climbing the 16’ rope! That was a rush.

Reaching the top of the 16' rope at Iron House CrossFit.

Reaching the top of the 16′ rope at Iron House CrossFit.

But there’s so much I need to improve. I hate Thrusters and Shoulder to Overhead. I’m very weak in my left shoulder, the result of a car accident 30+ years ago, and I’m stuck at 50#. And double unders? Still can’t get more than the occasional one but I sure am fast at those singles.

Physically, I’m stronger. I know that. My band-assisted pull-ups aren’t as difficult to do (goal: minimum 6 strict pull ups). But it’s the emotional strength I’ve gained that has been the best thing.

I’m proud of myself for reaching my goal of completing the Hero WOD Murph (aka “Body Armor”) in under an hour. It was a real confidence booster.

Memorial Day 2014 - 52:04

Memorial Day 2014 – 52:04

That was the first time I felt not only like I was making progress, but that I really was part of the community as well.

Since then, I haven’t looked at the WOD and thought, “How am I going to get this done?” Because I know I can. It may take longer than I’d like and I will often struggle. But I have a different mindset after completing Murph. I’m willing to take on more challenges such as trying standup paddle board yoga. And I’ve signed up for a Fitathlon in Eureka MO in Nov.

CrossFit isn’t for everyone but it appeals to my high intensity personality.

What about you? Have you tried CrossFit? What has been your experience with it?




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