Fitness News Round-up: 11-20-13

It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole when you start browsing the Internet and lose track of time so I’ve rounded up what I think are a few interesting bits of fitness news for you.

With Thanksgiving and holiday parties just around the corner, this is a good time to read up on mindful eating. Follow the link to find out what is mindful eating and how to do it during the holiday season.

How to Master the Art of Mindful Eating.

I recently signed up for the newsletter from International Association of Women Runners and this article was in the first newsletter I got. Too often research is based on male subjects but what’s applicable for men isn’t necessarily so for women. I’d like to see more research on post-menopausal women too.

What do you think? Does gender an age make a difference in research results?

How Different are Women Runners From Men?

There’s an argument for letting children do strength-training. This article is an arguments for continuing (or starting!) strength-training when we are well into our senior years.

Strength Training Helps At Any Age: Even For 90-year-olds

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